Holy Cow

Holy Cow

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The 2018 Y:Art Bra Show inspired me to create “HOLY COW!”  This piece diverts attention from the usual sexual connotation to the miraculous function of the breast. On the outside of the bra, the message of my main imagery is emphasized by the prototypical early Renaissance triptych architecture and sacred golden background.  The inside of the bra literally illustrates the inside of the breast, arranged like a gallery of anatomic and microscopic pictures. Biologic facts about breasts and breast milk adorn the lacy bra straps, along with the ultimate question, “Are we not mammals?”  

Collage, acrylic paint, bra, plaster, wire mesh, lace

13x 10 x 12 (H)”

A black wood turntable stand is also available, measuring 15” in diameter, 1.75” in height.

Holy Cow with turntable stand:
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