About Beth Schwartz

Artistic Statement

Mixed media is a sandbox without boundaries; my artistic approach is as flexible and diverse as my ideas.  I experiment with paint, collage, clay, pencil, photography and whatever odds and ends find their way into my hellaciously messy studio.  Creative inspiration springs from art history, literature, travel, social issues and found imagery.   Occasionally, my background as a physician seeps into my creations.   

My sketch pad was a fairly constant companion from late college into my early 30s, when “real” life grew too hectic (career, children, house, etc.).   About 15 years ago, I began to create jewelry with polymer clay.  Although I mastered many skills, my artistic voice remained mute. Even worse, the perfectionist tendencies required to be a good pathologist crept in, displacing the joy.  To change the paradigm, I began adding paints, papers and found objects to my repertoire.  I was home.  The ideas flooded in and my voice sang out.

Whether I paint a cradled wood frame, collage an upcycled cigar box or build an assemblage, my goal is to create unique art that provokes thought or laughter.  Please visit my archive page as well as the shopping pages to experience the full range of my work.

10% of my sales are donated to Health Care for the Homeless, Inc.* in Baltimore, Maryland. To learn more about this impressive organization, go to https://www.hchmd.org/.  


My Story

    New York City        Boston        Baltimore, by a simple twist of fate

Literature: unrepentant English major      Art History Travel    

 Proud product of NYC public schools          Princeton         Harvard

 Pathology (think microscope, not autopsy)



Scatter these salient points on a page and draw connecting lines in as many permutations as possible.  The resultant irregular web would be a better biography than any linear accounting.

“…. what a long strange trip it’s been” – Robert Hunter/the Grateful Dead

*Health Care for the Homeless and its logo are used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of Partner products.

“The Child is father of the Man” - William Wordsworth

“The Child is father of the Man” - William Wordsworth